Jul 13, 2018

On July 10th the new DM was published which regulates the White Certificates Mechanism or Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE).

We remind you what this incentive consists of:


his is a real incentive to push companies to make energy efficiency. The Energy Efficiency Certificates are, to date, the main incentive mechanism in Italy.

In 2017, most of the securities were issued in the industrial sector, confirming the importance that these incentives hold for the energy saving of companies.

What is this?

A TEE corresponds to a primary energy saving equal to a Tep (tonne equivalent of oil). So a company can get 1 TEE every 5,300 kWh of electricity savings or 1,200 Sm3 of gas.

How do you get it?

Contributions to the securities contribute to higher efficiencies compared to the mandatory standards by law or to the practices already spread on the market.

WHAT’S NEW With the new Decree in the event of a replacement, however, it is enough that the new machine is more efficient than the one you are going to replace (to prove it, measure consumption before replacing it!) 

So if you install a more EFFICIENT machine, and you do not do it to fulfill any obligation, you can request the titles..

How much is the incentive?

Each stock is then sold on a special market at a value that today exceeds € 200 / TEE. Based on the efficiency enhancement that you have made the incentive can go from a few thousand to over 100,000 € / year for 5 years!

Unfortunately, often we happen to be aware of important interventions when it is too late to request the TEE … warn us immediately to not miss this opportunity!

 Scopri se sei hai diritto a queste agevolazioni: chiedici aiuto per verificare di avere i requisiti!