According to art. 11 of the Ministerial Decree of 28 December 2012, GSE has published the Annual Report on the White Certificates mechanism. The document aims to present the main results and most significant trend identified in the year 2015 by the GSE, which is responsible for management of the evaluation process and certification of the savings. In the reporting period were submitted 10,763 Requests of Verification and Certification (RVC) related both to the first year of accounts and to the following ones, and 999 Proposed of Project and Measurement Program (PPPM), for which the GSE has recognized a total of 5 million of White Certificates (or TEE)  corresponding to primary energy savings amounted to 1.7 Mtoe. Most of the requests relates to the industrial sector and also the distribution of titles recognized highlights this trend: 64% of TEE recognized for the year 2015 relates to energy efficiency projects realized or to be realized in industrial sector.

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