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Energika S.r.l. does not wish to play any part in spreading online spam. This is why we inform you that all data we collect won’t be shared online nor transferred to third parties, except if required to fulfil legal obligations and carry out technical tasks needed to provide the service.

The present privacy notice provides users with all information related to the processing of personal data collected during their visits on

The present privacy notice only applies to the above-mentioned domain, while it does not apply to any other website users may access through any links featured.


The data controller is Energika S.r.l..

The data controller and the appointed Data Processors will process data with the use of informatics tools.

Data processing is only aimed at providing the required services, developing statistics about the use of such services and at sending promotional information, upon express consent, both online and offline.

Processing connected to web services provided by this website take place at Energika S.r.l registered office.

Moreover, we ensure to pay utmost attention to data protection from fraudulent access and to immediate data cancellation from our lists upon request.

This website collects anonymous browsing data for statistical purposes by using authorized third-party cookies, in respect of users’ personal data privacy and in compliance with the legal regulations in force. By browsing on this website, clicking the featured links or simply scrolling down the pages, users agree to the service and to the use of cookies.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files sent to users’ browsers, where they are stored and then transmitted to the same websites on users’ next visits.

During their browsing experience, users may receive cookies from other websites or web servers (these are known as “third-party” cookies), for the website they are visiting may include elements, such as pictures, maps, sounds, or specific links to web pages of other domains hosted on different servers than the one hosting the required web page.

The Data Controller hereby informs all users that this website uses three types of cookies:

  1. technical and session cookies;
  2. third-party persistent cookies.
  3. profiling cookies

 Techical and session cookies

The use of technical and session cookies (that are not persistently saved on users’ devices and disappear when closing the browser) is strictly limited to transmitting session identifiers (server-generated random numbers), which are needed to ensure safe and efficient browsing of the website.

  • Hi Cookie

Cookies needed to ensure functioning of the solution adopted by this website to be compliant with the GDPR legislation

hicookie-* It stores the users’ cookie consent state for the current domain 6 months
  • Google reCAPTCHA

This cookie is set by Google. Its purpose is to provide spam protection.

_GRECAPTCHA reCAPTCHA sets a necessary cookie (_GRECAPTCHA) when executed, for the purpose of providing its risk analysis. 179 days
  • WordPress

Cookies needed for WordPress proper functioning (e.g. login)

wordpress_* Cookies needed for WordPress proper functioning. Session
  • Youtube

Cookies needed for content viewing on Youtube

YSC This cookie is set by Youtube and is used to track the views of embedded videos. Session
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE It tries to estimate users’ bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos. 179 days

Third-party cookies

  1. Google analytics cookies. Our website uses Google Analytics for statistical purposes only. These cookies collect aggregate data to monitor and analyse the accesses to all areas of the website. The information about users’ use of the website this cookie generates is sent to Google Inc. For further information and to disable these cookies storage on your device please visit: Enabling these cookies on our website is entirely optional, for it does not affect browsing.

Google Analyitics

_ga This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. It is used to calculate visitors, sessions and campaign data and to track website use for website’s analytics report. Cookies store information anonymously and give users randomly generated numbers to identify unique visitors. 400 days
_ga_PS0WWW3LVX Cookie installed by Google Analytics, used to identify unique visitors. 400 days


  1. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin cookies. Please note that our website may use cookies from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin that may be sent to users’ devices. These cookies, which don’t affect in any way sour website browsing, activated only when accessing the related web pages by clicking on the specific social network icons, thus accessing these social networks. For further information and to disable these cookies storage on your device, please visit:


Profiling Cookies

We and our service providers may use profiling cookies to publish advertisement we think our website users’ may find interesting. We may share such information with other parties, such as advertisers.

Google AdSense
Cookie used for Google AdSense ads
_gcl_au Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services. 3 months

For further information about this kind of cookies and about how to disable them, please visit the following websites:


How to disable Cookies

Data subjects may refuse to accept cookies from this Website at any time simply by selecting their browsers’ specific settings. To learn more about the procedures to disable cookies visit your browser supplier’s website or consult the “help” section in your browser’s guide.

To read more about the most common browsers visit this page: Please, remember that when cookies are disables, some features of this Website may not be available.

The personal data contained in our website cookies are not widespread, they are processed through automated systems and are not held for longer than it is strictly necessary to achieve the ends for which they were collected.

Specific security measures are implemented to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use, unauthorized access, or access that do not comply with data collection purposes.


Voluntarily, explicitly and optionally sending e-mails to the addressed featured in this website involves subsequent acquisition of senders’ e-mail addresses, which are needed to answer their enquiries, as well as of all other personal data mentioned in the e-mails.

Specific notices will be progressively been reported or displayed in the website’s pages mentioning specific services upon request.


At any time, data subjects have the right to verify whether if their personal information is held or not, to learn about its content and origin, to verify its accuracy and to request its implementation, correction, updating and deletion, as well as that their personal information is rendered anonymous.  It is also possible to object to the processing in case of law violations or for legitimate reasons.

Finally, data subjects have the right to object to their personal data processing for the purposes of sending advertising material, direct sale, market researches and marketing communications.

At any time, data subjects can request their data verification, cancellation, modification and obtain the list of data processors free of charge.

Data subjects may exert the above-mentioned rights by sending an e-mail to or a written communication to:

Energika S.r.l.
Via Nuova Circonvallazione, 57/D
47923 Rimini (RN)