Textile Industry

  • Heat recovery to preheat steam generator incoming water
  • New finishing machines with emissions heat recovery system
  • Installation of a regenerative after-burner for emissions treatment
  • Installation of condensing boilers I
  • Replacement of fluorescent lamps with LED lamps
  • Implementing an energy monitoring system
  • Energy Audit 

Case 1: Finishing machine equipped with heat recovery


Take advantage of the thermal energy contained in the fumes of a fabric finishing machine (rameuse) with direct heating by means of on-board gas burners.


Thanks to a first exchanger, the ambient air entering the machine is preheated by the exhaust fumes, reducing the need for thermal energy. The fumes then pass through an air / water exchanger, preheating the feed water of some diathermic oil boilers.


The intervention made it possible to save about 67,000 Sm3 / year of methane corresponding to a failed expenditure of about € 21,000 / year.