Energika, established in 1997, provides engineering and consultancy services in the energy field, to manufacturing and service industries.
In May 2005 it was certified as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) by the AEEGSI (the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water), guaranteeing the economically efficient nature of the services offered to end customers.

A peculiarity of Energika is the absolute independence from any energy supplier, trade association or consortium, choosing a Demand Side Management market positioning (on the part of the final energy consumer).

Energika has twenty years of experience in the Energy Audit sector which it carries out with innovative and customized features, thanks to the experience gained and the help of the portal, paying particular attention to the control of energy consumption according to the most significant indices depending on the type of final energy consumer.


For companies, increasing energy efficiency and industrial energy saving is essential.

Energika Team

The staff consists of a reliable and specialized team.
Each team member comes from different academic backgrounds: in this way, the transversal skills acquired from years of experience in the field are added to the knowledge of individuals in specific areas, to offer a complete and personalized service.


Our Service

Energika fits into this context by providing companies with the opportunity to reduce spending and increase energy productivity through

  • A reduction of waste;
  • The use of efficient technologies and processes;
  • Continuous monitoring;
  • The adoption of renewable sources;
  • A reduction in the purchase price of energy carriers.

All this is possible through many years of experience gained in technical-managerial consultancy, analysis and design of energy efficiency interventions and in the twenty-year presence in the electricity and gas market.

The Benefits for Companies

Energy efficiency brings with it a number of other “associated benefits” such as:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced emissions;
  • An improved corporate image;
  • Lowering of local pollution levels;
  • Increased operator safety.

The services available may be of a standard, easily managed type, or of a personalized type.

Energika offers specially designed, personalized consultancy services to meet each customer’s specific requirements. These services range from the analysis of energy/financial indices and market indices, in order to optimize the strategic positioning of supply contracts, to everything regarding energy efficiency; from energy audits to the planning and funding of energy saving operations.

Energika is based in Rimini, but operates throughout Italy and Europe. Our customers are in the main Large Enterprises and SMEs operating in the industrial or service sectors, together with Public Administrations interested in reducing their own energy spending.

Certifications and Accreditations

In addition to the accreditations provided for by the professional orders (Order of Engineers, Board of Industrial Experts with Degrees, Order of Surveyors), Energika also boasts a number of acknowledgements at both company and personal levels:


Energy Service Company recognised by the AEEGSI, with notification dated 17 May 2005, according to the provisions regarding Acknowledgement of the requirements provided for by Article 1, paragraph 1, point t), of Annex A to the Authority’s resolution no. 103/03 of 18 September 2003; certified according to UNI CEI 11352 – Energy management – Companies providing energy services (ESCo) – by Certiquality srl, certificate no. 23545.


Engineer Paolo Paglierani, a member of the CTI – Comitato Termotecnico Italiano Energia e Ambiente (the Italian Heating Engineering Committee – Energy and the Environment), participates in the meetings held to draw up guidelines for energy diagnosis pursuant to Regulation 16247:3 “Processes”. 



Energika’s staff includes technicians possessing the qualification established by the UNI CEI 11339 Standard – Energy Management – Experts in Energy Management – which sets out the general requirements for qualification, ascertained through a process of certification on the part of SECEM, a body accredited by ACCREDIA;


Energika’s staff include technicians with the qualification of CMVP Expert (Certified Measurement and Verification Professional), issued by the AEE (Association of Energy Engineers), in collaboration with EVO, a non-profit organization that develops and maintains the IPMVP Protocol ( International Protocol of Measurement and Verification of Performance).


Energika is also a member of the following organizations/associations:

  • Member of F.I.R.E. – Federazione Italiana Risorse Energetiche (the Italian Federation of Energy Resources), in the category of Companies operating in the field of energy products and services provision (SV);
  • Member of AIEE – Associazione Italiana Economisti dell’Energia (the Italian Association of Energy Economists), which provides monthly figures for fuel prices.


Energika co-operates with Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo “Mauro Picone” (IAC), a Project launched by the National Research Council’s “Mauro Picone” Institute for Computational Applications, with the aim of promoting the use of Applied Mathematics by companies, and of encouraging cooperation between research teams and Italian companies.

Energika co-opertaes also with the following:

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