Industrial Energy Audit

While on the one hand it is vital to minimize the purchase prices of the various energy carriers, on the other hand, it is important to understand why and how energy is used, so as to reduce and optimize consumption by individual sectors and users.

The performance of an Energy Audit means subjecting a factory to a detailed technical analysis and a detailed study of the company’s situation and its productive processes, from the point of view of energy efficiency, ultimately to evaluate whether it is opportune to take certain actions and technical-managerial measures to increase competitiveness and the achievement of the following objectives:





Energy audits have been made compulsory for large companies and for energy intensive companies, by Italian Legislative Decree no. 102 of 4 July 2014.


Energika already provided this service prior to the coming into force of the aforesaid Decree, believing that it represented an unmissable opportunity to reduce the energy costs of production plants and company offices.

In fact, our services are aimed at those companies, large, medium and large businesses, public and private entities, manufacturing companies and commercial concerns, that are interested in discovering every opportunity to reduce energy costs.

Energika does not see an energy audits as the mere fulfilment of a four-yearly bureaucratic formality, but as an opportunity to improve a business’ energy management and to produce increasing benefits over the course of time. It is an opportunity that market leaders have already taken advantage of within the context of their own business growth policies.



The Energy Audit Service offers innovative, personalized solutions thanks to the experience gained and to the aid of the portal, with a special emphasis on the monitoring of energy consumption using the most important indices, depending on the type of final energy consumer .

The engineers from the Technical Department, supported by other members of Energika’s staff, personally follow each phase of the process, from the collection of information by means of a visit to the site, to the drafting of a report containing proposals designed to ensure greater energy efficiency, to be subsequently submitted to the customer.


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